Umberto Bortolotti - Prosecco Treviso - extra dry - 0.75l



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Denominazione di origine Controllata
This is the only sparkling in our production which does not show the appellation VSQPRD on the label. Its grapes always come from our hills and exclusively from the same ones that enjoy the term D.O.C.G. The typically of its grape quality is full expressed by a pleasant and restrained aromatic quality, and by a cheerful, fruity taste. It is a young, lively informal wine.

Growing area
Piedmont zone of Treviso province, hilly position, mainly on clay-limestone soil.

Grape variety
Glera 100 % (ex Prosecco). Harvest made by hand at half/end of September.

Technological reference
Sparkling processing method in autoclave, adding sugary and adjuvant substances. Surlie at 20° C and following fermentation at 13°-14° C. The following phases of fermentation and filtration make the product fit for sterile bottling. Refining in bottle for 3-4 months. Packaging.

Structure and chemical-physical features
Liquid with acid pH, composed of water, ethil alcohol, superior alcohols, sugars, extracts, acids, salts, metals. Pressure: 4.00 – 4.50 atm. at 20°C.

Sight: flat, limpid, pale straw-yellow, with greenish reflections. With abundant and persistent foam and a fine grain perlage. Bouquet: young, fresh and fruity. Taste: balanced, cheerful with a delicate fruity scent.

It is a light, spontaneous aperitif. It is natural to match it with fruit in cheerful summer cocktails. It fills icy cups in unplanned toasts. It absorbs young people’s curiosity and it becomes their experience in a classical, fascinating drink. Anyway it still remains a message of quality and serious tradition.


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Umberto Bortolotti - Prosecco Treviso - extra dry - 0.75l

Umberto Bortolotti - Prosecco Treviso - extra dry - 0.75l

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